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2014-04-13 23:52:59 by igott

Geez, you guys must be dead or something.


If you feel like catching up, drop me a line on Steam: Jupiter_Strain

Still ain't dead.

2013-10-14 02:56:48 by igott

Just in a vice squeeze.

Life's been alright since I've gone to college.
Yay, Computer Engineering, my life is going to be OVER!

Well, in the sense that one goes to an office and then never lives life. Ever.

Thought about journalism, but it feels like people are just going to make Starbucks jokes about that decision.

Either way, you can add me on steam. Jupiter_Strain

Alright lads

2013-04-09 01:59:19 by igott

I'm still not dead, but I think I lost my soul along the way.

You see, it's been a hard couple of months on me. Got to see a man literally die right in front of me. Just keeled over dead.

Real nice time there.

It's been a couple months since I visited this account, and nearing a year, I believe, since I was active.

So lemmie tell you what's up:

I gained a life, my droogies. I picked up the hobby of playing Dark Heresy on Saturdays and Collecting videogames for the other 6 days. I have been learning C++ and decided to form a small little dev with a friend, and well, it's running eh.

In my time doing things in life, I have gained a perspective that I did not gain here. For one, I've become straight-edge. For another, I try to keep my head afloat and dig for jobs. I have discovered what it's like to deal with people and how much people change. I have also discovered how dark and evil people can be for petty squabbles, like over who wants to rule their sekret speeking klub, but I'm just sayan.

I would love to actually talk to the people that I once talked to on this website; but like me, they have left and moved on.

So who wants to talk?

And if you guys just feel like it and come back, drop a hello note at this email.

Great seeing you guys.

Because I can.

2011-12-12 19:50:59 by igott

Sup, sexy?

So, which one of you chucklefucks said that I was some Darcin dude?

Because I can.

Come on man, I'm fucking bored and Arch Enemy isn't going to work.

If you're on Diablo 2, I'm on US East.
If you're on SS13, I'm on the /tg/ server. Don't meme it up, they're already cleaning /b/'s bullshit up.
No Xcocks Live and no PSN
I'll see about Dawn of War.

Tales from The Great Circlejerk

2011-05-23 20:29:57 by igott

Well, it's summer. Yep, I get to put on some complaint about little kids who don't know shit about Vidya and name themselves FaggottheHedgehog (Somebody's looking at a sick, sorry life). But no, as much as I hate the weird, little bastards, they're not worth my breath compared to The Christian Fundamentalist that bans the right to teach Evolution in class.

ANYWAYS, to talk about the past few months, I have been basically whittling away at the Human Cloning Facility that's known as the American Public School (Now, ran by Ultra-Conservatives!). Along with that, I turned to the great age of 16 where I basically have a car that I have to put gas in. Not only that, but I recently applied to a job at Kroger! The end of my teenage freedom, mmmyay!

My musical taste has changed considerably. Gone are The Beatles and King Crimson, gone are David Gilmour and Jimmy Page. Here comes The Dead Kennedys (Fuck that no-Jello bullshit) and Bolt Thrower! Yay, Metal and Punk!

What else, hmmm, found my old Xbox and enjoyed my ass some Serious Sam (Seriously, nothing's better than a Henry Rollins look-alike shooting up alien worlds.) and Oddworld! Uh, joined the Green Party and some other shit.

But yeah, bitching aside, just bitch here for a while. I'm going to be on here until I feel like it (Gone next week or some random-ass pattern.).

Let's follow England.

2010-12-11 03:06:48 by igott

And fucking riot.


2010-09-19 17:56:52 by igott

Just checking in.


Fuck you guys.

2010-07-09 02:35:16 by igott

When I joined up in 2007, I was a 12-year old introvert that was an annoying sack of shit. I had no friends, no life, no actual direction, and no maturity.

After spending the first part of 2008 on the blogs, I grew to know my early respects and enemies. It started with a bro named Wyvvern-Guy, and I got into flamewars with a sonic fan. As I grew to hate them, I began to role play. Usually making shitty stories and roleplaying with people like fuliculi.

As I progressed into mid/late 2008, I began to go on the BBS. There, I found my true home. Amongst my fellows, like TheSilverGuitar, EpicFail and Oliver, I began to love the forums. As my love grew, so did my intelligence of the Internet. I began to browse 4chan, learned to troll, and took joy in pissing people off to extreme lengths. Hell, I've even encouraged a few an heroes.

As I abandoned my weeaboo-ness and became more of an experienced troll, I grew to respect more friends (That's you Albino), and my grammar improved. Soon, I was making people want my head by merely making them look like an idiot in one sentence.

Then came early 2009, the first few months were alright, I was trollin' and feelin' good, and then I discovered Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. I was captivated as I asked my fellow newgrounders on this masterful piece of art, destroying any love for modern, mainstream trash. As I aged and my musical collection expanded with more Floyd, and more Psychedelic music. Then I crossed into Progressive Rock.

By the start of 9th grade, I was growing out my hair and I wore a Vietnam jacket. At the same time, I expanded into New Wave and Early Metal. But I began to notice how much I had split from Newgrounds, spending the Football and Basketball seasons working the concession stands. And I began to have friends. I began to form a band with my drummer, but it went Emo-Screamo and died, and I rushed to you guys asking 'What now?' and they helped me move on, along with beginning to respect more newer bands.

As 2010 came, I began to live a life as a guy who had ran with the wolves of the Freshman grade. My hair had reached down halfway to my neck. I began to listen to Thrash Metal and Good Alternative on JewTube. Then I came to a business that had started almost a year ago:

The BBS was starting to suck the big one and it became boring and bland with arguing being the funnest thing.

I was okay with it, at first, but now I have reached a boiling point. The BBS has gotten incredibly stupid, incredibly disorganized and forgot the meaning of 'Funny'. The people I looked up to and called 'friend' have left or they are planning to leave.

So here I am, a Sludge/Power Metal bassist that has accredited his entire idea to Newgrounds. You have made me a thinker, a better person and now I have a direction in life. Because of Newgrounds, my initial musical taste of 'PANIC! At The Disco' and 'Fall Out Boy' was drastically changed to Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, The Damned, Bongzilla and a bunch of bands.

You have made me into the young bastard I am today, Newgrounds. And I thank you for it.

But all good things must come to an end. My friends are gone or nonexistent, the trolls I used to hang out with have moved on, the BBS that I called home has fallen out of repair and it's original ideals, and the users that I call 'colleague' are a bunch of fucking ass-hatted retards. I have grown sick of The BBS.

But fear not, I'll still swing by. Maybe I'll put down a bass solo or something when I get the recording equipment, I'll post on the C&C forums because I still got total bros there, and I'll keep up with some people.

But don't expect me to answer much and come on every waking minute.

Contact me if you want my AIM/MSN.

TL;DR- Fuck you guys, I'm going to /v/ where I am at least entertained.